Southern Environmental offers open top, roll off concrete washouts for residential, commercial, industrial, and oil & gas industries and applications.

  • 7.2 yard roll-off concrete washouts can contain approximately 30 to 40 mixer trucks worth of washout water and material. 
  • Our boxes provide a portable, watertight container to capture and recycle excess concrete and chute rinse water from concrete mixers
  • "Installing concrete washout facilities not only prevents pollution, but also is a matter of good housekeeping at your construction site" (US Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Below grade containment pits require considerable resources to design, construct, maintain, and restore the ground to its original condition. Contractors are responsible for repairing damaged liners and preventing overflows. Southern's washouts reduce the headaches associated with containment pits.
  • Have your washout box delivered when needed and promptly removed when finished!

Concrete Washouts

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